Welcome to Notre-Dame-des-Anges, the smallest municipality in Québec!

Allow us to share with you 400 years of history, as told by people who have shaped this place since the origins of Québec City.

The establishment of the Récollets

“Second couvent des Récollets” (Second convent of the Récollets)

By Sister Gabrielle Lacroix

1951, oil on wood, Le Monsatère des Augustines, Québec City General Hospital monastery collection

In 1620, the Récollets friars established their first convent here at the request of Champlain, founder of Québec City. This mission, led by the Récollet Jean Dolbeau, aimed at building an ideal city called Ludovica.

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The founding of the Québec City General Hospital

“Mère Louise Soumande de Saint-Augustin” (Mother Louise Soumande of St. Augustine)

By Michel Dessaillant

1st half of the 18th century, oil on wood, Monastère des Augustines, Québec City General Hospital monastery collection

Mother Louise Soumande of St. Augustine and three other Augustinian sisters founded the Québec City General Hospital here in 1693. An ambitious and innovative project for its time. For over 325 years, this establishment has fulfilled the same mission of providing care and shelter.

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The French and Indian War

Monastery and hospital facade, with the cemetery of the poor in the foreground, 1937, Québec City General Hospital, Monastère des Augustines, HG-A-

The Québec City General Hospital played an important role during the French and Indian War. In addition to acting as an infirmary for wounded combatants and a shelter for victims of bombardments, it was the scene of negotiations led by the Count of Malarctic between the two enemy camps.

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Housing and care

Interior view of the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires room, March 7th, 1950, Québec City General Hospital, Monastère des Augustines, HG-A-

Since 1693, the General Hospital has housed and cared for the elderly and the destitute. It was even the first institution to be entrusted with the care of what were then known as the insane, people who suffered from mental health disorders. In the 19th century, Dr. Painchaud was a key collaborator of the Augustinians for over 30 years.

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At the heart of neighbourhood life

Exterior view of the monastery and its outbuildings, 1937, Québec City General Hospital, Monastère des Augustines, HG-A-, Photo: W. B. Edwards

The General Hospital is located at the meeting point of two lively Québec City districts, Saint-Roch and Saint-Sauveur. The Augustinians came to the aid of their residents during great tragedies. They supported the population's efforts to show solidarity with those in need. A worker at Dominion Corset explains the contribution of the Augustinian sisters to the life of her district.

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